Par Emmanuel Hugonnet à Grenoble le mardi 13 novembre

« Some people don't like Metal, f**k them !!! »
Silverpeas is an awesome tool to build a community on the web
and spread the word and convert the world to heavy metal.
The Vegetables of Death Metal will demonstrate you how to use
Silverpeas to share knowledge and passion about The Only
Listenable music in the world
. We will use different Peas
(Silverpeas applications) to manage artist's bio, lyrics, bootlegs
and stolen pix and vids from gigs. Each content will be classified
according to its metal branch from glam metal to scandinavian
dark metal : a f***ing good way to find transversal informations.
Putting some Carrot in our Peas will introduce the common
metallist to semantic enhanced contents, so he will the see the
Light. This SOAD's Chop Suey merges the collaborative power of
Silverpeas and the semantic intelligence of Carrot2. Metal music
is on the eve of a new era !
For this demonstration, long hairs are not required but strongly
recommended for the head banging sessions.