Par Thibaud Lemaire à A distance le mardi 8 décembre

Many companies are interested in serverless for its automatic scalability, reduced time-to-market and high availability. Among them, few dare to get started because serverless application costs are difficult to estimate in the long term.

With my colleague XavierL, we designed an accessible and opinionated serverless calculator. It is based on our vision of the architecture of a serverless web application. It allows you to estimate the costs of different AWS services depending on traffic.

In this talk, I present the calculator and the assumptions we made. I also present a comparison of the infrastructure costs of two equivalent e-commerce websites, one serverless and the other serverfull. Finally, I introduce the concept of Total Cost of Ownership which allows these paradigms to be compared taking into account the costs of maintaining and developing new features.

At the end of the talk, you will have all the keys to calculating how much a serverless migration will save you. 💰