Par Julien Petit à Paris le mardi 9 avril

1/ A VRP is fuckin SEXY !

2/ This guy was my nightmare when I was a kid. I thought that if I was not good at school, I’ll end up like him.
Doors shut at your face. Under the rain, the wind and the despised by all. Your wife back at home that is upset by the tiny revenue you have made. Again, tomorrow you'll have to go back, wishing for a brighter day.

3/ Based on business my experience in the startup world, I have a strong believe: You got to be a VRP to make a startup.

4/ Startup = $ You got to make money, you got to be a VRP-startup to run a startup.

4’/ Startup = Customer intimacy You have to know your future cleint by heart.

4’’/ However, there are no magic tricks or real methodology. Just some tools and the right attitude : being a VRP

4’’’/ You have to be ready to spend a lot time to understand your customer segment. Be ready for a long ride : a marathon

5/ Twitter and Foursquare are pure innovation player, that’s really sexy. Look like fun, focus only on product and not adult stuff to worry about. Cool attitude (wearing flip-flop) and VC funded…that’s ROCKS isn't it?

6/ A Startup is a "temporary organisation that is looking for a scalable and sustainable business-model".

6’/ However, there is a whole fantasy around startup. Look at what we hear about Google and Facebook stories. The fantasy is emphasis by Techcrunch and others. Stop that shit and don’t lie to yourself! Either you are a Hacker (pure innovation player) or a startup.

7/ The reality is that those hacker CEO’s, without a a suistainable business-model are in reality stressed out, coz they have a high burning rate and VC that are worried and complaining.

8/ Choice to make: To be stressed out wearing flip-flop or a VRP ? Selling your soul to the VC devil or do the dirty job yourself.

9/ My choice is to be a VRP. Build a startup that makes money and then do pure innovation stuff. Cash flow and then FUN. Building a team that is well paid and then let them unleash their talent.

10/ Before I concluded, there is guy that rocks, but also that I hate (too arrogant) Gary Vaynerchuk and Morten Lund. Check-up their story and what they think about being marketing and sales driven.

11/ So remember VRP is cool. Build a healthy product making organisation. Make money and share it with your team. Be a VRP and have fun later.