Par Loïc Knuchel à Paris le mardi 14 novembre

What is organizational slack?

Slack is the degree of freedom in a company that allows it to change.

Are you in a situation where you are

  • practicing Scrum or the like?
  • developing 24/7 struggling to keep your head above water to meet demands?
  • overcommitting in your iterations?
  • committing to your exact velocity but still not managing to deliver it all?
  • experiencing inconsistent amount of work finished between iterations?
  • feeling your agility is fragile?
  • frustrated that there is no time to learn new things?

Would you like to know of a simple yet very effective way to solve all these impediments and better yet, improve and learn continuously and be more productive while being happy?

Come and join me at this session, and hopefully you can leave it with the necessary knowledge to explain to others why they should cut you some slack.